District 7 Representatives

Vivian Barton
(251) 706-4654

Carolyn Vines
(251) 981-3440
Orange Beach Senior Center

2017 Event Details
April 25th (9 a.m.) Events: Basketball Free Throw, Frisbee Toss, Horseshoes, Nerfball Toss, Softball Throw, and Billiards
Location: Via! 1717 Dauphin Street, Mobile, AL
May 10th (9 a.m.) Events: Shuffleboard, Swimming, Table Tennis, and Checkers
Location: The City of Orange Beach Park & Rec. Senior Center, 26251 Canal Road, Orange Beach, AL
May 24th (9 a.m.) Event: Rook (you must have a partner to participate in this event)
Location: Adult Center, 1301 Azalea Road, Mobile, AL
June 7th (9 a.m.) Event: Double Dominoes (you must have a partner to participate in this event)
Location: Robertsdale Senior Center, 22651 E. Chicago Street, Robertsdale, AL
June 21st (9 a.m.) Event: Dominoes
Location: Chickasaw Civic Center, 224 Grant Street, Chickasaw, AL
July 12th (9 a.m.) Event: Bowling ($9.00 fee, payable at the bowling lanes)
Location: Eastern Shore Bowling Lanes, 10460 eastern Shore Blvd, Spanish Fort, AL


Sponsorships and Volunteering                                                                        
District Masters Games would not be possible without the money and time volunteered by numerous individuals and companies. If you are interested in donating time, money, or supplies, please contact your district representative.